Save Your Summer in a Diary

Summer never comes soon enough and always rushes past in the blink of an eye. A summer diary provides the perfect outlet to capture your memories and preserve your adventures for years to come.

First, select the perfect pen and notebook for the task. Make sure to pick materials that you will enjoy using so that the summer diary doesn’t feel like homework. With a variety of colors, Paper Mate® Flair® pens are the perfect summer companions. Clip your pen to the notebook so that you can jot down, scribble, draw, design, and document anywhere you go!

  • In keeping with the summer spirit, devise a journaling format that’s fun and easy to remember. Try sketching pictures to highlight monuments, points of interest, and the people that made your summer adventure so memorable. 

  • Use different colors to create contrast for different aspects of your trip – miles hiked, restaurants visited, and days traveled. This is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate graphic elements from bullet journaling like lists, bullets, boxes, and labels. Make your summer trip a fun infographic of memories.

No matter what adventures the summer has in store for you, make sure to bring your favorite Paper Mate® pens along for the ride!