• How to remove oil-based paste ink: Hairspray is your best bet on this one! Lay the stain face down on a clean cloth or paper towel. Spray the back of the stain with an alcohol-based hairspray until it is wet and push the stain through the fabric, replacing the cloth or paper towel underneath as it absorbs the ink. Then, launder the garment as usual or take to a dry cleaner. For small marks, saturating with an alcohol-based hairspray and laundering as usual is probably sufficient. 

    To remove most stains from surfaces, Newell Brands recommends you try Amodex ink and stain remover, or you can order Amodex by telephone by contacting the Amodex Company @ 203-335-1255.

  • For donation inquiries, please contact our Consumer Affairs Department at 800-346-3278.

  • To recognize hardness or softness of the lead, a drawing pencil will have a grade with the letter B or H and a number. B is a subjective indication of “blackness” and H is a subjective indication of “Hardness”. Drawing pencils are manufactured in “grades” from 9B to 9H, with 9B being the softest and 9H being the hardest. Therefore 9B would produce a very thick black line and the point would wear down extremely fast, while 9H would produce a very thin gray line, and hold a point much longer. HB is a theoretical middle point between 9B and 9H.

  • As a leading manufacturer of quality products, great care is put into the type of ingredients and formulations we use. Like you, we are also concerned about animal testing. Every effort is made to avoid such practices. While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that some of the third-party, indirect suppliers are as sensitive to this issue as we are. We do however strongly encourage our direct suppliers to work with their partners to avoid these practices.

  • We currently are not sponsoring any candidates or providing any scholarships.

  • For country of origin, please submit requests to [email protected] In addition, country of origin information is available on product packaging.

  • Please contact a promotional products distributor such as 4imprint.com

  • Paper Mate offers green products in a few deferent ways: Recycled - Flexgrip® Ultra pens are made of 42% recycled materials and DryLine™ Grip Correction Tapes are made of 60% recycled materials. Upcycled - Paper Mate® has a partnership with Terracycle to change old pens and make them into new products.

  • Newell Brands guarantees complete customer satisfaction and replacement. If your new Paper Mate® product does not perform properly, please return it for a replacement. In the United States, please contact us.