Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Note Taking Skills

Ever been given a reading assignment that seems more challenging than you'd have hoped? Don't worry! We've got a few tips that will help you improve your note taking skills and make learning more enjoyable!

Use Sticky Notes
Sticky notes can be an effective way to help write down key topics, notes, or ideas that you notice in your reading assignment without ruining the book itself. It can also help you find what you were looking for later.

Color Code
InkJoy® Mini ST allows you to take notes on the go and save space, and with 10 bright colors, taking notes has never been easier. The small pouch your pens can be held in makes convenience more than an option. Color coding can be helpful in remembering important topics or sections of a chapter. For example, write different themes, topics, ideas, in different colors to look back at.

Red = Summary of the chapter
Blue = Themes
Purple = Motifs
Green = Symbols
Orange = Pivotal Events

Rewrite Your Notes
Sometimes the best study techniques involve simply rewriting your notes. Move the sticky notes into a notebook and organize by chapter and then rewrite them, making it easier to remember the important parts of the book.