Tips for Making Your Math Class a Little Easier

Even in a numbers-driven subject like math, proper note taking has been shown to help increase performance, memory retention, engagement, and organization.

We've compiled a list of note taking tips and tricks to help you master your math class.

Tip #1: Color Code
Using Paper Mate® Clearpoint® Color Lead Mechanical Pencils can help you organize your notes in class better by assigning different equations, problems, or concepts different colors. To remember the formulas for circumference and area, assign each equation a different color to make it easier to memorize.

Tip #2: Practice
The best way to learn math equations is to practice, practice, practice! Write more difficult problems in red, and the problems you finish with ease in green. This keeps you organized and allows you to remember which problems you need to work on at a glance.

Tip #3: Organize Your Notes
Lose track of which notes you may need sooner than others? Organize them! One tip to help organize your notes could be to write down all relevant equations in pink and all vocabulary in blue. This will help you flip through your notebook and find the necessary information with more ease.

Tip #4: Double Check Your Work
Make sure that your handwriting is clear and legible so that certain numbers are not mistaken for others. Also, work through each problem slowly and fully to show your work and find any minor mistakes you may have not knowingly made. And if you happened to make a mistake, no worries! The Clearpoint Color Lead Mechanical Pencils make erasing easy and neat.

Tip #5: Need a break? Doodle
Sometimes it's good to take a little break when studying – working hard can be exhausting. Take some time to rest and doodle on the sides of your pages. Brain power needs the chance to recharge as well.

Have any tips you'd like to share?

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