Strategies for Note Taking in English Class

Bring your English notes to life with colorful Paper Mate® pens! There is a color for every topic studied in your literary discussion to help categorize your notes and thoughts to be the most productive. Here’s a quick way to get organized!

Color Code your Book!

Using the colorful Paper Mate Flair pens, you can take important notes in your book without worrying about the pen bleeding through the paper. Here’s how we think you can organize your book to help remember the most!

Sky Blue

With this pen, underline important quotes that you think will be important to remember later.

Strawberry Lollipop

Use this pen to underline all words, names, dates, and places that seem important.

Grape Gumdrop

This pen should be used for all questions you have when reading your book to look back at later.

Salted Caramel

When picking out themes, symbols and motifs in novels, use this pen to distinguish these.

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