Sketchnoting with Paper Mate®

Have you found yourself taking notes just for the sake of taking notes? Do you want to get more from less? Are you having trouble retaining the lessons logged in your notes? Question no more – sketch notetaking (or sketchnoting to some) can turn your ideas into easy to study and remember visuals.

What makes sketchnoting different?

In traditional notetaking, it is sometimes challenging to make connections between points in the context. Rather than just filling the page as you go, in sketchnoting, thoughts and ideas are structured in a manner that makes sense to you. Connect points with lines. Use boxes, circles, abstract doodles or different colors. Improvise! The most important element is finding a style that works for you.

The basics of sketch notetaking
  • Text: Simplify your everyday handwriting. Use it to make lists, add details, or note in margins.

  • Shapes: Stay basic with squares, circles, and triangles. Shapes work great for bullet points or to call out specific information.

  • Containers: Take your creativity to another level with containers like clouds, frames, or speech bubbles. Containers can serve as page headers or highlight the primary points of a passage.

  • Connectors: Track your train of thought with connectors. Does the point support an earlier entry? Connect the two with an arrow, dotted line, or squiggly!

  • Symbols: As you gain confidence with your sketchnoting, symbols will play more and more into the process. Draw a lightbulb to shine a light on the point where you got it. Over time, you’ll build a library of icons to use in your notes.

  • Illustrations: Turn doodles into picture-notes. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t get caught up on perfection, rules, or mistakes. The notes are yours – and you make the rules!

Stock up

Ready to give sketch notetaking a try? Both ruled notebooks and blank sketchpads work well. Make sure to grab a few pens – we suggest a variety of tip sizes and colors. Both Paper Mate Flair Pens and Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens feature wide-ranging collections of color perfect for the task. And don’t forget the most essential tool of all – your imagination!