Scrapbooking Tutorial


Relive your favorite memories in a creative and personalized way with a DIY scrapbook. Gather some printed photos, arts & crafts supplies, and memorabilia relevant to your theme (dried flowers, ticket stubs, post cards, name tags, receipts, trinkets, etc.).

Pick a Theme

Your theme can be anything so get creative! For example, your theme could be seasonal, a year in review, best friends from high school, a trip to Europe, etc.).

Picture Perfect

Select photos to match your scrapbook theme.

Deciding which ones to include can be tough but have fun with it and give yourself plenty of time to go through them a few times, arranging and rearranging until the layout feels right.

Get Crafty

You’ll need the right tools to make your masterpiece come to life.

Some tried and true favorites are patterned paper, glue, scissors, page protectors, and a variety of adhesives to get started.

Also, make sure to have your Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pens handy to add designs and decorations directly on the page.


Now you’re ready to put it all together! Using your supplies and pictures, start scrapbooking! Get creative and have fun with it, and when you’re finished make sure to show everyone your finished product!

Don’t forget the finishing touches, such as stickers or written messages (funny quotes, inside jokes, or song lyrics) – whatever you feel perfectly captures the memory for you.

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