Rewrite Your Way to Success

Is exam week right around the corner? Or is it time to review a semester's worth of material for a final paper?

Now may be the perfect time to hit pause and rewrite class notes.

Whenever there's a lot of information to cover, simply rereading notes from start to finish may not be the best way to retain everything from a class. Instead, take the time to rewrite your class notes, making an effort to put things into your own words, or write small summaries as you go along.

You may be surprised at the extra facts you recall when given the time to remember and process everything. As a bonus, the increased effort can help with retention and make those particularly tricky facts stick.

Additionally, when taking notes in class, it's easy to get lost while trying to keep up with a fast-paced, or complex lecture. Simultaneously listening and writing can force even the best calligraphist to scribble something illegible to avoid falling behind the teacher. After class, take the time to rewrite your notes so they're readable and they truly reflect everything that was covered in class

Your future self will be eternally grateful!
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