Outstanding Events Begin with Exceptional Invitations


Ready to plan that end-of-summer bash? Give the event the attention it deserves by creating one-of-a-kind invitations for your guests!


Think ahead: Timing is crucial. If you send out your invites too early, then possible attendees may forget about the occasion. If you send them out too late, attendees may already have plans for the date in question. Get organized and settle on a plan about a month ahead, if possible.


The five Ws: Like a good reporter, gather some basic information. Grab your Paper Mate® InkJoy®Gel pen and a scratch pad and write down a few details: Who? What? When? Where? Why? These points will provide the substance you need to compose the rest of your invitation. 


Practice: Before you launch into writing invites, use a Paper Mate® pencil to sketch out your ideas for the design of the card. Consider the room you will need for the guests and design an invite worthy of sending! 


Perfect and precise: Once you’ve defined the look of the invite, select the cardstock of your choice and get to work. Using your Paper Mate® Flair® pens, add the Five Ws. Use different color Paper Mate®Flair® pens to liven up the invitations!


Complete the puzzle: Because the card is hand-written, it will have a personalized feel. Add unique touches to each invite to make them even more special! Don’t forget to give attendees a way to RSVP!