Make Note of Your Summer Reading

Summer is filled with adventures and sunny outdoor activities but sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book. Whether you’re taking it easy for the day, traveling, or starting the summer semester, a book is sure to find a place in your plans.

We often read to escape and relax, but there are many benefits in actively reading and annotating your summer novel. Use Paper Mate® InkJoy®Gel pens to keep track of your favorite quotes and keep up with your thoughts. Take these annotations to the next level by incorporating them into your bullet journal as you reflect on the book after its conclusion. It’s like live tweeting your favorite TV show, but with a pen and paper!

Follow these tips for a more active reading experience with Paper Mate®!

Think outside the neon: Just like bullet journaling, annotating your book is all about contrast and variety. Highlighting everything on a page loses its novelty quickly. Try layering colors, boxing sentences, or bordering different words with different pen colors and styles. This will not only make your annotations fun to create, but also fun to review.

Grab flexibility:Paper Mate® InkJoy®Gel pens have fast drying ink that will resist smudging when you turn the page. Their smooth ink delivery will also prevent annoying bumps or skips in your lines, no matter the kind of paper you’re using.

Get creative: Assign varied colors to categories to organize your favorite quotes and your own thoughts on the book. Use a variety of handwriting styles to delineate ideas. Jot down your best thoughts, retorts, and quips to prepare you for your next book club meeting!