Letter of Encouragement

We all have those days when we need a little encouragement from friends and loved ones. Use Paper Mate® Flair® pens to create a unique and personalized message for those that need it most. With the variety of colorful inks and the ultra-smooth ease of writing, this pen is the perfect fit to help you write letters of encouragement to those you love! 

Whether it’s a simple pick me up or a letter of gratitude, your words can help brighten someone’s day. 


What should they say? 

Your letters can be as personalized as you want to surprise your friends and loved ones with thoughtful messages but sometimes it’s nice to tell them how awesome they are and they will appreciate it! Here are some suggestions they will appreciate: 

  • You can do it! 

  • You rock! 

  • I’m proud of you! 

  • You got this! 

  • You’re awesome! 

Pick a theme! 

It can be fun to add a theme to your letters as well, to help you decorate your note to your loved ones! Some theme ideas could be: 

  • Flowers 

  • Animals 

  • Planets 

  • Puns 

Have any words of encouragement with others that you would like to share? Share with us at #PaperMate!