Graduation Thank You Notes

You've put in the work, turned your tassel and earned your diploma. Now it is time to celebrate! After graduation party festivities, write handwritten thank you notes to your supporters. You know you can rely on Paper Mate® to express your personality through the vast colors and pen styles available.

Plan for Perfection

Before you begin, think about how you want to express thanks. Select a good, sturdy cardstock or store-bought card. Use colorful pens that are sure to stand out. Smooth, precise and available in a variety of colors, Paper Mate® Flair® Pens are perfect for the job!

Personalization for the Win

Start your note with a greeting. Stay away from the standard “Dear” and instead use the recipient’s name or nickname. The more personal the better – remember the reason for writing the note in the first place!

Express Thanks

Thank You! Find your own way of saying it, but don’t forget to say it! Remind them how much you appreciate all the support and help through the years. Feeling a little creative? Add a few original hand-lettered touches! Speak from the heart and be sincere.

Details, Details, Details

Don’t stick to the script. What exactly are you thanking them for? Acknowledge how you have/will use the gift you received. Let them know what you’ve been up to since graduation and give them an idea of what’s in store for your future. Restate your thanks and bring it all together with a warm and heartfelt closing.