Get Back to Basics for Better Meeting

Do you find yourself just going through the motions at meetings? Are you weary of watching colleagues punch away on their laptops? Are meetings as effective as they should be? Go retro in your next meeting! Leave your computer and bring a notebook and Paper Mate pen to your next meeting.

Let’s face it – meetings can become routine. We are quick to open our laptops as soon as we sit down at the table. No matter how disciplined you are it is very difficult not to check your email, browse the internet, or work on other projects. Even if you avoid all the online distractions and instead try to keep up by typing notes, you still may not be contributing to the meeting.

The pen and paper method leads to a conversation that is more intent by simply providing fewer opportunities for distraction. Because it takes longer to write than type, your notes will be briefer and to the point. Written notes are also typically easier to recall.

Brainstorm Notebook

Use the notebook to brainstorm as a team. Grab a few different Paper Mate® Profile® Retractable Ballpoint Pens and start by writing a fundamental problem in the middle of a page. Invite your colleagues to brainstorm potential solutions. Use notes and contrasting pen colors to generate a visual map to the correct the problem.

Meeting List

Consolidate activities into a list as the meeting progresses. Here is an idea: divide your page into two vertical columns. In one, maintain a running list of the meeting. Organize the tasks/deliverables in the second column. Sprinkle in different colors for unique contributors or departments.

A ton of freedom and creativity can occur with free-flowing ideas on paper.