Drab to Fab: A Simple 4 Step Guide on Making your Planner SPARKLE!

School planners can be a little dull. That doesn't mean yours has to be. We've created a must have four-step how-to guide on personalizing and decorating your planner.

Show off your creativity on the first day and start a trend everyone can't wait to follow!

Step 1: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover ... or do!

Not all planners have front covers that stand out – make yours more exciting with a little personalization. Add your favorite doodles, song lyrics, inspirational quotes, or whatever inspires you. Make your planner really show how you express yourself.

Step 2: Borders, borders, borders

Show some love to the inside of your planner too. Add colorful borders to the interior of your planner and make every page pop.

Need some motivation getting started?

No worries–we've attached a couple of border ideas for you to take and make your own

Step 3: Get crafty

Not the best at free-hand sketching? Not a problem – you can always use stencils, create patterns, or trace designs to help you show off your creativity.

Step 4: Stay Organized

Now that you've created a masterpiece you're ready to show off, it's time to get organized.

Using tabs can be an efficient way to separate your planner by subject or time of year, while color coding can help you keep track of different types of appointments or responsibilities.

Order your priorities by highlighting which ones are most important and keep track of your obligations.

Have you personalized your planner?

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