DIY Summer Post Card

Summer vacation can be the most memorable time of the year. Take advantage of the memories you are making by creating your own post card series! Show your friends and loved ones where you are spending your vacation by recording your memories and illustrating your travels.

The Basics

Although your post cards don’t have to follow certain guidelines, make sure you get sturdy paper and not flimsy paper so they can last a while!

Content Tips

When writing your letters, include the best parts of your summer vacation! Tell your loved ones your favorite memories, experiences, and things you are looking forward to this summer!

Get Creative

When you’ve finished your letter, now it’s time to add some summer fun! Add in doodles with your Paper Mate Flair Pens, to make your post cards POP!

Address It

After decorating, it’s time to send your post card! Your recipient’s address goes in the middle of the envelope or backside of the card. Write your address in the top left corner and stick a stamp in the top right.

Make sure your post card is properly headed to reach your loved ones this summer!

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