Desk Organization Tips

Your desk can feel like a second home. If it’s disorganized, it’s distracting. Make your workspace work for you by maximizing efficiency and productivity with these simple tips.
Why Organize Your Desk?
  • You will look and feel more professional with a cleaner space
  • You will be more efficient because you will know where everything is
  • You will have room to work
  • You will stay on task and be less distracted
  • Everything will have its own place
How Do You Get Organized? 
  • Get rid of old paper (we know, easier said than done)
  • Color-code your files with Paper Mate Flair Pens
  • Store your office supplies in containers, drawers or baskets, and label each so you can easily locate what you need 

Keep it Clutter Free!

Lastly, reap the benefits of your clutter-free desk by keeping supplies neatly tucked away in your newly labeled containers.

Doesn’t that look nice? We feel more productive already!

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