Dear Future Me

Write a letter to your future self to be opened in the future. Include advice and goals you would like to reach to see what has been realized. The handwritten note will be an everlasting memory you can refer to for years and years to come. We’ve come up few tips using Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens to write to your future self!

Choose when you want to read your letter!

Where you’ll be one year from now versus where you’ll be a few years from now will most likely be completely different. It’s important to decide what you want to say to your future self, based on how old you think you will be when you read it.

Decide what you want to write.

This can be tricky because there are so many things you want to tell your future self. Maybe you want to write down some of your favorite recent memories, goals and aspirations, or maybe you want to remind yourself of some of the best songs, TV shows, movies, or jokes that are special to you now. Either way, don’t forget any details. Your future self will appreciate that!

Why not decorate?

It can sometimes be hard to think of all the things you want to talk about, so feel free to take breaks. Doodle on the sides of your letter, write little jokes, or even draw pictures of some of your friends.

Store it!

The most important thing to writing this letter is not forgetting about it. Store your note somewhere special, where you will know where to find it, or leave it with someone special that you trust will keep it safe. Either way, try your hardest to make sure you know where to find it in the near or far future.

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