Change Up Your Note-Taking Style with Cornell Notes

Have you ever used the Cornell Note Taking Method?

It may be a method worth trying if you're looking for a chance to improve your note taking skills, organization, and studying habits.

Below are the basics for setting up your Cornell Notes. Multi-color pens are encouraged, like Paper Mate InkJoy® Gel Pens.

Step 1: Divide your paper into two columns
Your recall side will be used on the left column and your note-taking side will be in the right column. Use the recall column to later write keywords or phrases

Step 2: Take notes in the right column
Instead of writing word for word, capture general ideas and concepts and write them in paragraph form.

Step 3: Review your notes and rewrite within 24 hours
Re-read the lecturer's ideas, reflect, and put the notes in the recall column in your own words. Rewrite the notes and repeat to help yourself study!

Have you taken Cornell Notes in your classes?

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