Cap the Interview Process with a Custom Thank You Note




It is best practice to send a thank you note after a job interview. However, merely saying “thank you for the interview” is a wasted opportunity. The thank you note is another chance for you to highlight or reiterate key points of the interview. To write an effective thank you, tailor your message to convey these topics.


Your letter should also reflect an attention to detail. There is a notable difference between a generic note, and one written specifically based on the interview. A tailored, personalized letter shows a level of follow-through. Write the note with a Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pen and seal the deal on the interview!

Follow these techniques to nail your next interview thank you:

  • Provide a positive, concise experience: Do you ever open an email and get overwhelmed with a huge block of text? Your interviewer has probably experienced this too. Keep this in mind when you draft your note and focus on appropriate formatting. Make sure to avoid ALL typos and grammatical errors! 

  • Be timely: Send your letter within 24 hours! Even better, try sending it before the close of business on the day you interviewed. 

  • Incorporate specific details from your conversation: These specifics don’t necessarily have to be about the position, but something interesting like a shared interest or experience. This helps to reinforce that you paid careful attention to the conversation.