Calling all Sports Fans!

Need help bringing joy and support to your local sports team? Use Paper Mate® to create personalized sport tags for young athlete sport teams! Whether it’s individual goodie bags or locker signs, Paper Mate® has a color and pen type to support your favourite team.


Name Tags

A great way to get your team spirited is by making unique and personalized name tags with the Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pens ! With the 14 different colors offered, you’ll have no problem decorating these name tags with the colors that match your team!


Locker Decorations 

Does everyone on your team get their own locker? Why not personalize it? Hang up pictures, drawings, crafts that are special to you and your teammates and let us help you decorate! 


Goodie Bags 

Is it your turn to bring your team snacks after the game? Personalize it! Put your goodies in re-sealable bags and decorate a piece of paper you’ve attached to it. You can do this by including funny phrases, memories, or even just their name! 

Have you done a special craft for your team? Tag us with #PaperMate and inspire others with your creation!