Bullet Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally here and free time abounds. Adding another boring to-do list to your phone’s “notes” app is not an exciting option. Grab a handful of Paper Mate Flair pens, and you’ll enjoy compiling a bucket list worthy of the summer!

The colors of summer make a great bullet journal palette. Create a fun border and bullet scheme to organize your activities. Tiny palm trees, glasses of lemonade, or beach umbrellas… all provide artistic options for use as bullets.

By alternating between the felt tips of Paper Mate Flair pens and the fast drying ink of Paper Mate InkJoy Gel pens, you can achieve fun and crafty effects on your journal paper. Follow these tips to create a summer bucket list that will be fun to make, easy to read, and serve as the ultimate summer guide for the activities you have planned

  • Create an organizational bullet style that works for you. Pick and prioritize the summer activity information you want to highlight. A few ideas on what to include: location, budget, friends, and travel dates.

  • Divide activities into subcategories using different colors. Examples include destination, local restaurants, activities, city landmarks, and more.
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