Brighten Up Your Calendar with Color

Do you view a calendar as a doorway to endless obligations? If so, it’s time to change your perception. Add a little color and imagination and turn it into a creative outlet! Use these tips to liven up your calendar.

Don’t Forget the Fun Times

Often we get so focused on school or work we forget to add vacations, birthdays, road trips, and the likes to our calendars. These are the events that make school/work worth the effort! Use the bright and lively colors of Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens to color-code those special occasions!

Grids Are Boring

Add some fun to the matrixed calendar! Doodle and scribble your way through the lines. Add clouds. Add trees. Add nondescript, abstract shapes. It may feel like you’re breaking the rules at first - but you’ll be happy you did.

Letters Matter

Consider the time you invest in organizing your calendar. It’s something you’ll touch multiple times a day, reminds you of loved ones, and keeps your workouts on track. Add some cool hand-lettered touches and give the effort it deserves!

Find the Write Tools

The precision of a good doodle starts with the right pens! Choose a pen that is right for you. Traditionalists may opt for a ballpoint version like the Paper Mate Write Bros. Ballpoint Pens while precise artists may want something like the Paper Mate Flair Tip Pens.

Don’t be scared of your calendar. Use it to your advantage –get creative, improve your art skills, and count down the days until your next big road trip!