Add Some Flair to Father’s Day


With Father's Day just around the corner, it is important to show Dad how much you care. So how do you put all your love and thanks into a single card? Add your own flair to your Father's Day card with these tips from Paper Mate®.


Start with the Obvious - Wish him a Happy Father’s Day! Sure, you can call it Dad Day, Pamper Pops Day, or whatever you would like, just do not forget the reason for the card!


Share Your Thanks - Remember that time Dad came to change your flat tire in the middle of the night? Or when he taught you how to throw a football? What about when he showed you how to cook the perfect steak? Remind him and then thank him. Dads are softies when it comes to sentimental or funny memories – mention the right one and you’ll score the perfect card! 

Use your Paper Mate Flair Pen to add some personal touches. For cards that mention an occasion, try adding a sketch of the memory. It doesn’t have to be art studio quality; your Dad will appreciate the effort. After all, that’s what Dads do.


Make a List - List the reasons why your Dad is so great, why your Dad is so wise, why your Dad is so caring, and on...

You can also use the Paper Mate Flair Pen to decorate the card with clean, precise lines, shapes, or designs. They’re also perfect to go the abstract route if you feel the need - there are no boundaries to your creativity!

Finish with a Warm Closing - Speak from the heart. Let your Dad know how much he means to you and why he’s the best. Make this the part he remembers!

Writing a Father’s Day card may seem like a lot of work, it will provide an impact, unlike any of its store-bought counterparts. Take your time and do it right. After all, that’s what Dad would do